Engaging Your Facebook Audience (Volunteer Edition)

Once you've penciled in the posts onto your social media calendar, you'll need to start developing the content. In the end, the most effective manner to recruit and retain your volunteers is through engaging your community. You want your “friends” to be so intrigued and excited that they remain involved and share your posts with their friends. The right content will not only create awareness for your mission and make your current volunteers feel valued, it will also act as a recruiting tool. Here are three (of six total) options for your volunteer content:

1. Create a Facebook calendar for each event and invite them to sign up. Once they accept the invitation, message each volunteer reiterating the date and why their help is so important to you. Send a personal thank you following the event. 

2. Produce a compelling video that explains your mission and why volunteers are so vital. Encourage volunteers to share it!

3. Post photos and videos of events and acknowledge the volunteers who attended. In addition to engaging current volunteers who will want to share this with their "friends," it will also show your appreciation and give potential volunteers an idea of what they can expect. This demonstrates that their efforts are valued and make a difference. Hands down, this is one of the most effective ways to recruit.

Have you ever tried these? Do they work for your audience? Check back for the final three content options and share your favorite options for engaging #volunteersinsocialmedia.