We collaborate with our clients to transform our community, specializing in partnership development, facilitation, and strategic planning.

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SYN·ER·GY: combined effort being greater than parts; the working together of two or more people or organizations, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities. 



ckSYNERGY will leverage our experience and network of connections to help you cultivate long-term partnerships and develop your donor relations. Additionally, we help you craft a compelling story and consistent messaging for your organization.


ckSYNERGY uses a consensus-based model to facilitate highly-effective meetings that engage and empower participants. We focus on coalition-building, staff and board development, and conflict-management.


ckSYNERGY creates strategic plans that don't just sit on the shelf. We work with you and your staff to create a shared vision, goals, and objectives that are actionable and attainable.




ckSYNERGY will use our network of connections to align your business with the right partners. After helping you select a critical issue that resonates with your clients and employees, we will help you engage in mutually-beneficial partnerships that generate goodwill in the community, plus increase your brand loyalty and bottom line.